Batman Beyond #7

by Hussein Wasiti on April 26, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Bernard Chang

Colourist: Marcelo Maiolo

Publisher: DC Comics


This should have been the first issue of the arc. It moves along nicely and explains Terry's dilemma very well, effectively nullifying last issue's conversation between Terry and Dana.


Terry acted like such a complete idiot in this issue. It's been set up that his new suit is messing with him, so it's not clear whether or not his erratic behaviour is the result of the suit affecting his mindset. Not only does Terry blow off the Batsignal, but he turns his phone off when Bruce calls him. There is a clear danger to the city that is going on, made even more pressing when Bruce Wayne himself calls, but Terry continues talking to Dana. His decision isn't even paid off in the story. Sure, Barbara Gordon is almost killed, but she forgives Terry almost immediately, making the first half of this issue feel like pure filler. Bruce played a pretty big part in this issue, and it sold the emotional weight that he's carrying. We don't know what happened to Damian and Duke, who are mentioned, which provides for some nice mystery.


Despite the filler, this issue is a fantastic jumping-on point. Everything that happened last issue is again explained here in a nice, cohesive way.


Bernard Chang's art was great. It was very expressive, which didn't really carry into the action scenes, as it was hard to tell what was going on during the fight scenes. Nevertheless, it still looked good.


In what should have been the first issue of the arc, Terry acts like an idiot while Bruce sheds some emotional light on his absence. Chang's art was good but felt lacking during the action scenes.

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