Suicide Squad #15

by Hussein Wasiti on April 12, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artists: John Romita Jr. and Eddy Barrows

Colourists: Dean White and Adriano Lucas

Publisher: DC Comics


This awful story is finally over. Did its ending redeem it in any way? I wish it did, but no.


As revealed in the last issue, Amanda Waller is back. The reason for her being back was so incredibly contrived I can't even describe it, mostly due to spoilers. All I can say is that DC has no idea what to do with Amanda Waller. She reminds me a lot of Maria Hill over at Marvel. She's an incredibly annoying character, and she's been written terribly as of late. She started out fine when the series first started, but she quickly became the new Batman as she now has a plan for everything.


Again, the issue is divided in two, with John Romita Jr. on the first half, and Eddy Barrows on the second. Romita's work wasn't as bad as the rest of his art on this series, but it was still bad. Barrows, as usual, delivered on all fronts. He needs to be used on better DC books as opposed to this series. The second half of the issue focuses on Waller as she describes to Harcourt how she faked her death and duped Rustam. The plan is so convoluted in every way.


I really appreciate DC for trying to make the recent Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event still have effects on the storylines right now. I really do. Having some books deal with the escaped villains is a great concept, but I have the feeling that editorial really pushed this on the writers. I feel that Rob Williams doesn't care about what he's writing about, and it shows. It's negatively affecting the series. Another series dealing with a villain from the event, Green Lanterns, is also faltering on quality lately as the main characters deal with Doctor Polaris. A book like that with new characters would benefit from fun, inventive stories in order to attract new readers and to solidify these characters in DC readers. But it isn't working.


With Tony S. Daniel coming on the book, and the team featuring General Zod, I really hope this series finds itself out of the dump brought onto it by Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. This issue, and this whole arc for that matter, was just not good at all. Eddy Barrows' art is the one saving grace, and there's not enough of it.

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