Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

by Hussein Wasiti on April 12, 2017

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Dexter Soy

Colourist: Veronica Gandini

Publisher: DC Comics


Scott Lobdell is thoroughly impressing me with this series. Not to call his previous work bad, but this is such a step up from his previous run on the series. He characterises the characters very well, and all three of them feel like an integral part of the team. Their friendship or mission doesn't feel contrived, and their interactions and banter are great. The relationship between Jason and Bizarro in particular is handled very well. I feel so much for Bizarro as a character, which is very hard and only a few writers have truly nailed him. Scott Lobdell now joins Grant Morrison and others on that list.


Dexter Soy's art is also integral. His pencils, along with Veronica Gandini's colours, provide some of the best art in DC right now. The colours were bright and varied, and sunlight is portrayed beautifully by both the penciller and the colourist.


Jason claims that this story is all about Artemis, which is weird since her story doesn't really kick in until the last page, which provided a solid twist. I'm very excited for the story going forward.


The issue provided some decent recap of Artemis' past, which was explored in the last issue, a one-shot containing flashbacks to Artemis' past and her relationship with a close friend of hers. This issue rendered the last issue completely moot, since everything we need to know has been recapped. I theorise that Soy needed a bit of a break, but this story has been a long time coming.


Scott Lobdell has been defying expectations and proving his detractors wrong. Dexter Soy's art was incredible and this issue remarkably balanced its action and character development.

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