Nightwing #18

by Hussein Wasiti on April 05, 2017

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Javier Fernandez and Minkyu Jung

Colourist: Chris Sotomayor

Publisher: DC Comics


This series has cool highs and bad lows, and this issue was another mixed bag. We get a whopper of an ending for fans of a certain crazy Scotsman's run on Batman, but it seems like Tim Seeley padded the hell out of this issue. All of this could have happened in a few pages and it would've been better.


Still, I'm emotionally invested in the story. Dick's relationship with Shawn is by far the best thing the series has done yet. The possibility of Dick having a kid is such a heartwarming one, and I hope DC doesn't chicken out.


There was a bit too much action, and it didn't even look that great. Javier Fernandez is a weird choice for this series, since his art isn't particularly good and there have been better artists on this series, such as Marcus To. Minkyu Jung is credited, but Jung's artwork seems to have been lost in Fernandez's since I couldn’t detect it. The action was weak because the art was weak and the story felt like it dragged.


This arc has been getting worse with each issue, and I hope that the next issue is able to build on the momentum of the awesome ending and provide a worthwhile conclusion. Javier Fernandez is very much the wrong artist for the title, which has been demonstrated with the arc's lacking art.

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