Suicide Squad/Banana Splits #1

by Hussein Wasiti on March 29, 2017

Writer: Tony Bedard and Mark Russell

Artist: Ben Caldwell and Howard Porter

Colours: Jeremy Lawson and Steve Buccellato

Publisher: DC Comics


This was mostly a vehicle for great art. Ben Caldwell portrayed a fantastic cartoon world in which the Splits truly shined. The inclusion of the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller in this story came across as totally contrived, however. I was having so much fun with the Banana Splits that the story came to a slow down when the Squad had any scenes or dialogue.


The story didn't make a lick of sense too. The whole crux of the story is that the Splits are arrested, and Waller sends them into to save the Suicide Squad as she has bosses that will be breathing down her neck if she sends reinforcements. But she sends reinforcements anyway, these reinforcements being the Splits.


The true star of this book, and the main reason why everyone should pick this up, is the Snagglepuss story by Mark Russell and Howard Porter. Russell is currently writing The Flintstones, which is such a fantastic book that deserves everyone's attention. Snagglepuss is getting his own series by the Fall, and this was such a solid tease for that book. Snagglepuss is one of my favourite animated characters and Russell nailed the dialogue. He provides two takes on the character, one that he described as a Gothic, gay, and southern playwright. We also get a short flashback in which we see a more traditional, wacky take on the character where his catchphrases are used very well, excellently, even! Porter's art was fantastic. I love how seriously the team is taking this. Buy this book for the back-up.

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