Justice League of America #3

by Hussein Wasiti on March 29, 2017

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Diogenes Neves

Colours: Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics


No other Rebirth series has started off so weak as Justice League of America. This is only the third issue, and it seems like writer Steve Orlando is already out of ideas and doesn't know where to take the characters.


Team books thrive on character interaction. The JLA, even when together in a panel, almost seem like they don't acknowledge each other. This is the problem: they're uninteresting on their own, and this issue deals with each member taking down a member of the Extremists on their own, with the Extremists also being terribly boring characters. This was such a slog to get through.


As for the art, I'm disappointed in DC. Ivan Reis was such a great name to get people interested in the series, but he's only done the Rebirth issue and the #1. The art by Diogenes Neves simply isn't up to par with what we've been promised. This was also the case for the last issue, with Felipe Watanabe's art.


I have another problem with the title in general, which may sound corny. I don't believe in the Justice League of America, but I should. That's what Steve Orlando was trying to get us to do in those one-shot stories and the Rebirth issue. They are humans solving human problems, but they have Lobo on the team. I don't care about the situation that they're trying to get fixed. The team is just going through the motions to get the job done, and it's not engaging in the slightest.


This issue digs the series' grave one step further. A boring read and an uninspired story, coupled with disappointing art, made this issue a tough one to sit through.

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