Suicide Squad #14

by Hussein Wasiti on March 22, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: John Romita, Jr. and Eddy Barrows

Colours: Dean White and Adriano Lucas

Publisher: DC Comics


This book seems to be getting worse with each issue. Not only is the book divided into asinine two parts, but the arc we've been given here just isn't up to par with what I expected from this book. John Romita, Jr. has truly lost favour with me, and Eddy Barrows provides good art but delegating it to the back-up makes it feel less impactful and less interesting.


This book initially had the back-up technique nailed really well, but with the origins of each character already told, writer Rob Williams seems to want to stick to the formula, afraid to diverge from it. That could be the case, or Suicide Squad is the biggest failure of the double ship titles, since the art is so inconsistent.


As for the story, it felt so short-changed. Harley makes a decision in the first half, and the back-up deals with the ramifications of her choice, making the whole story the quickest read of the week.


Those who haven't read the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event should be completely lost here. Williams doesn't give a proper explanation of Rustam's goals and backstory, making him feel like such a random villain. Fans of the Suicide Squad film who aren't even following Rebirth should be even more confused at the quality of the art. Rustam feels like such an inconsequential villain. The idea behind his motivations are solid since they spin out of the aforementioned event, but at this rate he's going to be easily disposed in order to reunite the Squad.


This issue proves that it is by far the weakest double-shipped book that DC is currently putting out. While there is a foundation for a solid, interesting story, the division of the book into two parts, the bad art, and the unnatural pace of this arc just make this issue quite unsatisfying.

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