All Star Batman #8

by Hussein Wasiti on March 15, 2017

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Francavilla
Colours: Dean White and Francesco Francavilla
Publisher: DC Comics
Scott Snyder is doing something special with this arc, and this was another solid addition. The Mad Hatter is a very interesting villain and Snyder makes full use of the Hatter's psychedelic tendencies.
Initially, I felt the dialogue was a bit too much. I thought the art had to do the talking and there was tomore dialogue than necessary. When Batman confronts the Hatter, however, is when the inner monologues of both characters meet and they talk. It tense and thrillingly gripping in every sense of the word.
Giuseppe Camuncoli is on art here, and it is fabulous and definitely the best art this series has seen yet. Camuncoli is the artist on Max Landis' Image series Green Valley, and his art is the best part of hat book. It is rich and vibrant and has a certain feel to it that the Hatter's hallucinations were perfect for.
Certain series in the new Rebirth line have a new and fresher take on them, but I feel like this series ties directly into Snyder's Batman run in the New 52. This is, obviously, due to the fact that Snyder is writing this series. It gives All-Star Batman a different feel to it, one that embraces continuity and truly feels like an extension of Snyder's epic Batman tale.
 I have not been a fan of the back-up story, The Cursed Wheel at all. I didn't like it when Declan Shalvey was on art, and I didn't like it when Francesco Francavilla was drawing it. This issue of The Cursed Wheel, however, told a very strong, Duke-centric story that ended very well and got me excited for the conclusion.
Scott Snyder crafts yet another incredible issue, with even the back-up story impressing me greatly. Camuncoli's art was beautiful and Snyder's writing proves once again why his Batman is going to be remembered for a long time. The tease of the big bad of this arc kicks into high gear, as we will find out next issue.

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