by Hussein Wasiti on March 08, 2017

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colours: Dan Brown
Publisher: DC Comics
This series has been defying expectations so far when it comes to the writing. Scott Lobdell's run on the series in the New 52 has been constantly reviled, but it seems like he is genuinely upping the quality of his storytelling. And he continues to do so with this set-up issue for the new arc, Who Is Artemis?
The setting and plot of the story felt a bit contrived. Red Hood and Artemis are trying to find a man named Mr. Stirk, who apparently has the ability to shape-shift into different people. He forms into an old friend of Artemis', a woman named Akila. After taking care of business, Artemis relays her life story to Artemis. This is the contrived aspect of the story, and that's basically all that's wrong with the issue. Lobdell's writing was charming and funny, and an appearance by a certain Amazonian helps connect the story to the overall continuity. The art by Kenneth Rocafort was definitely a breath of fresh air, but I anticipate the return of regular artist Dexter Soy.
A problem I thought I was going to have with the series was its apparent focus on Red Hood and Bizarro, with their  relationship really forming the emotional spine of the book up until this point. Bizarro doesn't even show up in this issue, as Lobdell wisely develops the relationship and chemistry between Jason and Artemis. Despite the contrivances with the nature of their conversation, I found myself enjoying their banter and dialogue, since they haven't had a moment of peace together since they first met.

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