Suicide Squad #18

by Hussein Wasiti on May 24, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Publisher: DC Comics


This story is tied with the story being told in Action Comics right now, which is confusing. I wouldn't mind a crossover, especially since the stories are actually crossing over with each other, as some characters from Action Comics show up in this issue. The fact that it's not a crossover may be due to that fact that another crossover, The Lazarus Contract, is currently going on right now, and we shouldn't forget that The Button concluded last week. Just a thought.


This was a very quick read. Rob Williams shows why he's the best writer this book has had in a while. It's focused on Zod as he wreaks havoc on Belle Reve, with the Suicide Squad putting up a fight. It's essentially one big action scene while Zod explains the mystery of the Black Vault. Williams also explores the new relationship between Rick Flag and Harley Quinn, which is certainly better handled and more earned than Steve Orlando's depiction of Atom and Killer Frost's budding romance in JLA.


I'm not a fan of Amanda Waller as a character, which is no fault to Williams, but a fault I've had with her for a long time; I think she's very excessive when it comes to her plans, which manage to usually out-Batman Batman himself. Seeing her pretty much get her comeuppance was incredibly satisfying to me and I hope it doesn't stop here.


Having Tony S. Daniel on art is the best. Daniel is a legend and his Zod is such a badass. And I can't praise DC enough for finally letting this book have one story without any back-ups, which especially lends to consistency with Daniel's art.


In a story tying into the current Action Comics arc featuring the Superman Revenge Squad, Williams crafts a tightly-paced and fun issue, and Daniel's art ever fails to impress.

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