Batman Beyond #8

by Hussein Wasiti on May 24, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Bernard Chang

Colourist: Marcelo Maiolo

Publisher: DC Comics


I've noticed something over the past few issues, ever since this arc began. They've all been very good jumping on points, with this issue in particular really delving into the mystery of Terry's new suit and what it has done to Bruce, and how it also might have affected a certain someone close to Bruce who shows up later in the issue. This Dan Jurgens guy just might be going places!


All joking aside, Jurgens is exceptionally good at tying the mythology back to the present day, making the world feel more lived-in and the characters more world-weary. I'm so happy that Bruce isn't some grumpy old man in this series, and is fully aware of the need for Batman and will dedicate the rest of his life to ensuring that Gotham will be safe.


As for the new suit, I always knew it wasn't going to last. The classis suit is just that: classic. Everyone loves it, nothing's wrong with it, and changing it for the sake of aesthetics doesn't make sense; Jurgens has done a good job at really explaining why the suit is dangerous. I would have liked the suit to have a bit more mystery to it, in that we wouldn't be told about Bruce's experiences with it, but it was nice to have the backstory anyway.


Ra's al Ghul and the League have showed up in a few different books over the last few weeks, in Detective Comics and All-Star Batman, but I think this series has been handling them the best. There's the mystery as to who exactly this Ra's al Ghul is, since his face is covered up, and the story and the way it's framed is a little bit different than the typical "I'm Ra's al Ghul and I want to destroy the world". Having Terry chase after the League in his new suit feels like a genuine, honest-to-god plot development that works.


Bernard Chang's art impresses once again. I felt like it was down last issue but it really picks up here, with the action scenes handled very well. The last few pages in particular really sold the impact of Terry's suit.


If you're not picking this book up, you should start now. The story is fun and ties back into Batman's current status quo in a really fun and inventive way. The art is fantastic and the final page will make you want more.

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