Green Arrow #23

by Hussein Wasiti on May 17, 2017

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Publisher: DC Comics


This was the best issue of the arc so far. Although the story is very simple and predictable as seen through the hints being dropped the past few issues, it was still enjoyable, once again boasting some of the best art DC, or any comic publisher, is putting out right now.


I've never sympathised with Oliver as much as I have in this issue, in this series. His frustration with everything falling apart around him is earned, and the Ninth Circle are doing an excellent job at tearing down the system that Oliver fights for. While the Ninth Circle aren't the most compelling villains, which might be done on purpose to truly highlight what they represent, they are an efficient force when it comes to acting as the foil for the main character.


Oliver's frustration comes out in a fight between him and Eddie Fyers, which was so satisfying. Seeing our characters become victim to their emotions is compelling to me, and Fyers is getting what he deserves. Based on the ending of this issue, I can't wait to see how Oliver reacts going forward, especially when it comes to the Ninth Circle.


As I mentioned, the art is stunning. Juan Ferreyra, along with Andrea Sorrentino, might be some of the most inventive artists working today. I go giddy whenever I see Ferreyra's splash pages. He clearly has a mind for the epic and can perfectly capture the scope the story needs, and is great at including multiple characters from different areas in the same scene, which he does in the final page, which was just gorgeous.


The story picks up quite a bit here, which feels rawer and more earned as Oliver begins to fall to the mind games Broderick and the Ninth Circle have been playing. The art is near perfect, which I'll never get tired of saying.

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