Batwoman #3

by Hussein Wasiti on May 17, 2017

Writers: Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV

Artist: Steve Epting

Colourist: Jeromy Cox

Publisher: DC Comics


This series has been up and down since it began, but this issue had a bit of a blend. The writing is good and I liked the dialogue, but there's a lack of a personality or emotional string to make me really invested in the story of Coryana and Batwoman's relationship to it.


The story is clearly trying to be mature and personal, but it fails on the latter. The flashbacks that were to prevalent in the first issue are nowhere to be seen, and were very necessary to describe Kate's relationship with Safiyah. The writers, Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV, have chosen to pair Kate up with Julia Pennyworth, but they've done nothing to progress or identify their relationship. The lack of focus on Kate's relationship with these women is a pure example of the emotional distance this series has had so far.


Steve Epting's art continues to be a strong point. There's some inventive, fun panel work and his Batwoman looks really excellent.


The Monster Men story seems to be on hold, as Batwoman has her sights on liberating Coryana, resulting in a pretty typical, white saviour plot. With two issues left in this opening arc, I can't see how this storyline will conclude in a clean, satisfying manner.

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A Look Inside


Feels like we’re still in essay uk ramp-up mode with Batwoman, but what a ramp! Bennett and Tynion are building some very interesting dynamics between Kate, her old flame Safiyah, and her presumed mark–the Many Arms/Hands/Feet whatever they are. While I spent way too much time thinking every new woman introduced must be Safiyah, we do get there eventually.