Wonder Woman #22

by Hussein Wasiti on May 10, 2017

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Mirka Andolfo

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Publisher: DC Comics


I was worried that the alternating storylines in this title would make for a frustrating wait if one or the other ended with a cliffhanger. With the Truth storyline on the cusp of giving us answers, we go back in time to the Godwatch arc for more Veronica Cale action. While this issue was pretty good, I didn't think it was necessary story-wise.


Cale's relationship with Diana has been rocky lately, especially since Diana isn't even aware of her intentions and her motivations. In fact, I kind of preferred it when Diana had pretty much no idea what Cale has been doing all these years, which is now defunct as she is suspicious of her.


The art was something I kind of had a problem with. Mirka Andolfo is going to be the artist on Shea Fontana's run on Wonder Woman, beginning with #26 when Greg Rucka leaves the title. Both of them have had little experience when it comes to mature storytelling, since they've been drawing and writing material for children. Andolfo's art is reminiscent of this feeling. Her art can be a bit cutesy at times, although she can get away from that and draw action scenes or regular conversations, which she did pretty well. The opening auction scene was filled constantly had Diana in these weird, girly poses that I found kind of childish, which really didn't fit the tone of the story for me. As to whether or not Andolfo is aware of this, I don't know; her good rendering of an action scene in the middle of the issue shows that she has the genuine chops to break away from the mold, so I'm sure that she is at least aware.


In what felt like a filler issue, Rucka and guest artist Mirka Andolfo break the pace by telling a story that just didn't need to be told. Andolfo's art got me worried about her upcoming run on the title, but some sequences alleviated a bit of my worry.

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