Suicide Squad #17

by Hussein Wasiti on May 10, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Publisher: DC Comics


Suicide Squad continues to go up and up. Having a single, talented creative team telling one story has done wonders for this book. If only it was monthly so we could get Tony S. Daniel doing every issue.


The inclusion of General Zod into the team is something Rob Williams has been teasing ever since the first arc of the series. I'm honestly very satisfied with the result. The action scenes are different since we now have a Kryptonian flying around, using his powers to wreck stuff. The Annihilation Brigade, who are the Russian version of the Suicide Squad, would normally present a challenge to the Squad, which they have in the first arc of the series. Zod absolutely punishes them, which was just so cool to see.


Daniel's art is very good, but it looked a bit rushed at times. I don't blame him, since DC's current schedule seems to be hard on writers and artists, but it looked great nonetheless. Leave it to Daniel.


Williams is tying up some loose ends with this issue, as well as progressing some storylines, such as the mystery of Hack's murder, and Harley's crush on a certain member of the Squad.


Zod's presence makes for a radically different, and significantly more entertaining, book. It's fresh and fun, and Williams is clearly having fun with the dialogue while also telling a serious story with characters that we love.

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