Red Hood and the Outlaws #10

by Hussein Wasiti on May 10, 2017

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Dexter Soy

Colourist: Veronica Gandini

Publisher: DC Comics


The Outlaws are split up across Qurac. When writers split up their characters during a mission, they can tend to loose track of whose story they're telling, while also trying to balance that off with a side character getting their due. Scott Lobdell slightly loses track of the story.


Artemis and Jason get the emotional side of the story, while Bizarro plays such a small part in this issue that makes me question why he was even in it. Artemis' story is compelling and different, playing on her past and bringing out a side to the character that we haven't yet. Jason is a messed-up character, as demonstrated by his flashbacks and the fact that he talks to the Robin version of himself, which we saw last issue. I really didn't need it to be hammered down. Subtlety is the name of the game here, which is what Lobdell did so well in the first few issues of the series.


Dexter Soy's art is great yet again. There's a whole lot of dialogue and little action, but what little action there is, involving Bizarro, looks pretty damn stunning. His detail and scope lend his action an epic realism, which makes me excited going forward as the story continues to build.


Aside from a cool cliffhanger, there's not much to this issue. The characterisation remains strong and the art is great, but Lobdell seems to want to stress Jason's mental deterioration, which we already know is a big problem. He made it a bit more obvious with an extended hallucination sequence that I didn't really care for, so I hope he got it out of his system so we can move forward.

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