The Batman Who Laughs #7 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on July 31, 2019

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock
Colouring by David Baron
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Scott Snyder is having a Batman week like he hasn't had in a good long while. While Last Knight on Earth is more of a good-bye to the character from Snyder, The Batman Who Laughs is a sort of treatise on the character, an examination of what makes him great by pitting him against something he really hasn't fought before: himself. Sure, he's gone through the ringer multiple times and has had to question himself or his mission but here, the Batman Who Laughs is a stark reminder of the precipice that Batman walks on, every day of his life. He is, in essence, one bad day away from becoming him. With that being said, how does this conclusion fare?
I really enjoyed this issue. It feels like it's been an age since the last issue came out, which is what might have been given this issue was an added seventh to the previously-announced sixth, and I felt a little lost revisiting Jim Gordon, his son, and the Grim Knight in their storyline. Otherwise, I was pretty satisfied by this. I was concerned that the fact that this would lead into the new Batman/Superman series meant that the conclusion would feel too open and rushed, but this was not the case. It ends in a fairly natural and succinct way that, while leaving the story open for the continuation next month, still ended the miniseries on the exact right note: a somber one.
The Jock and David Baron collaboration is intense and beautiful. This book reaches Carnage-levels or red that I didn't think was possible in a Batman book, but it looks gorgeous nonetheless.
This was a solid and clean conclusion to the miniseries, which I expect isn't truly over and will continue in some form into other books throughout the rest of the year and beyond. You'd think that might turn me off but the team tells the story well and the ending fits, so it doesn't bother me.

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