The Batman Who Laughs #6 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on June 12, 2019

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock
Colouring by David Baron
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
What I most appreciate about this book is that despite what this book will likely mean to the larger DCU, the creative team manage to keep this grounded and focused. It's really only about Batman and the Batman Who Laughs, which is a solid rivalry that Scott Snyder is deeply exploring. As Batman slowly succumbs to the Joker serum, he begins to think like his rival is and prepares a plan of his own.
Visually, this was the most wild issue of the series. The lettering, the line art, and the colouring were firing on all cylinders and this book was just a delight to read. I did have some issues with the lettering, however. Batman's thought boxes are now red against black as he's slowly being consumed by the Joker serum, and they were genuinely hard to read. I'm glad I read them digitally because I could zoom in. I wish there was a better way to present the narration, but hey. That's the way it is. Aside from this minor gripe, the lettering was fantastic and Sal Cipriano continues to impress.
Jock and David Baron perform some wild voodoo magic in this issue, and I loved it. They truly get into the perspective of Batman as he gradually loses his mind. Portraying the Batman Who Laughs as this, frankly, Carnage-esque figure was inspired and certainly upped the tension and drama. Jock's pacing here is near perfection, as he juggle intense action scenes and emotional conversations deftly. His panelling and layouts are quite fantastic, and I love how sketchy and wild the panel borders get near the end of the issue.
With an issue left in this miniseries, I'm seriously curious to see if Snyder and Jock can fit this entire conclusion into one issue. I guess that's why they added a seventh issue to this miniseries. This was gorgeous and creepy, and will make for an evergreen story.

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