Justice League #24 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on May 15, 2019

Written by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Colouring by Alejandro Sanchez
Lettering by Tom Napolitano
The biggest compliment I can pay a book in this wild time of biweekly shipping is that I wish the book was monthly so the art team can handle every issue. This book is insanely gorgeous it's frankly insulting. These are some of the most energetic, bright, and fun pages you'll read in a comic this year. As the Justice League battles for their lives, Batman and the World Forger discuss their plans to remake the world in the image of justice, ridding humanity of the plague of doom. 
The way Jorge Jimenez plays with detail is fascinating. Usually brighter moments are cleaner, with little detail and bright Alejandro Sanchez colours. When things are dark or a bit more serious, he ups the detail and Sanchez's colours reflect this too. Look at the first page and contrast it with scenes of the Justice League being chased by Lois Lane and her armed forces. The difference is noticeable and staggering.
Snyder's move from a more grounded and pulpy approach to one of a grander cosmic scale has been a move that I've been analysing for the past two years. I've read a lot of Snyder's work and while the scope of the story seems bigger, he still injects his great character work and eye for engaging action scenes into these stories. I'm sure there's a hidden layer to Batman's motivations here, because he obviously isn't going to support a plan that will kill people. That's just not what's going to happen. However, the journey so far as been pretty compelling. Having Batman seem to want to sacrifice his one moral code for the greater code has been an interesting story, and the cliffhanger Snyder and Jimenez deliver has me seriously anticipating the next issue.
I'm trying to appreciate every morsel of this story. This is the penultimate issue of the arc, which has easily been the best arc of JUSTICE LEAGUE in at least three or four years. The artistic force of Jimenez and Sanchez is one that literally blows me away with every page turn, and Snyder's story has been fun and compelling.

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