Justice League #20 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on March 20, 2019

Written by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Colouring by Alejandro Sanchez
Lettering by Tom Napolitano
This was such a fun time. I love these "wrong future" type of stories and I never thought Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez would be delivering this type of story. While this issue is a little less action packed than the previous one, there's a lot to love here. Jimenez and Snyder frame this issue around the League members interacting with their future selves. In the wrong hands these kinds of scenes can devolve into general generic gimmicks, but Snyder squeezes some genuine emotion and interesting developments out of these encounters.
Jimenez seems to be co-plotting this entire arc and everything about this decision works wonderfully. There's a confidence and clarity to the art and the inherent cheeriness and energy of Jimenez's style makes the mood of the story work. There's a wonder and extravagance to this future world and Jimenez captures it beautifully. His transition from these scenes to the more tense scenes near the end of the issue are super fascinating. He ups the detail on the characters and his expressions are so varied that he can truly do anything. Alejandro Sanchez's colours are the perfect complement to Jimenez's linework, keeping things poppy and bright. The final few pages in particular are some of the best I've seen from this artistic collaboration.
Snyder keeps things constantly interesting. The way he framed the story made it seem like something completely unexpected could happen at the turn of the page. He leaves just the right amount of general uneasiness, despite the hope and the cheeriness, that kept me on my toes. It's not a wrong interpretation, there is certainly something wrong with his world and the League just isn't aware of it… yet. His characterisation is strong and he manages to balance all members of the League so they all get a fair shake. There's an absolutely hilarious interlude page in the middle of the issue that had me chuckling like an idiot. It was brilliantly written and beautiful executed. While one may consider it to be a throwaway page, I'd argue that it acts as a mission statement for this arc. Wacky, ridiculous fun.
I'm really loving this story. Multiversal time anomaly stories are hard to manage but Snyder and Jimenez navigate with ease, hitting every beat really well and building a fascinating world I want to know more about. The art is incredible and this is shaping up, easily, to be the best arc of the series yet.

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