Justice League #19 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on March 06, 2019

Written by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Colouring by Alejandro Sanchez
Lettering by Tom Napolitano
Jorge Jimenez finally comes back for this story about the Sixth Dimension. It feels like a massive change of pace since we've been dealing with the same things for the last few months. Perpetua, the Source Wall, Starman, mostly. Here Scott Snyder and co-plotter Jimenez take us on a wild ride to the Sixth Dimension, and I think this story will shape up to be the best arc of the series yet.
More than anything, it certainly feels like Jimenez is a co-plotter. The first page is a great example. There's so much packed into this first page in terms of dialogue and sequential storytelling and it feels like Jimenez had more of a say in how it played out. His take on these characters and on Superman especially feels like the direction I want the DC Universe to go in.
The way Jimenez visualises Mxyzptlk's attack on Metropolis was pretty brilliant. As revealed by the cover, the Daily Planet's globe becomes a Super Mario-esque monster. His Mxyzptlk in particular feels like a classic yet refreshing take on the character, one more expressive than I've seen in a while. And of course, Jimenez's collaborator Alejandro Sanchez does a phenomenal job with his colouring work. The book is so vibrant and each page feels so visually distinct from the other. I wish this book was monthly so these two would do every issue.
As I mentioned previously, this story doesn't have its previous stories front and centre. Instead, Snyder uses the previous developments, and the events of the recent Annual, to springboard this story. The ramifications over the wider universe are finally being seen and the threat the League has the face makes more sense to me now. Snyder works very well with Jimenez, and their sensibilities tie in together very well. I don't know if Snyder would have done the things he did in this issue if not for Jimenez. The final few pages were amazing and I genuinely can't wait to read the next issue.
Snyder and Jimenez deliver one of the most satisfying issues of the series yet. There's a bit of exposition overload, but I hope it's out of the way so I can just enjoy the ride from here.

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