The Flash Annual #2 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on January 30, 2019

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Scott Kolins
Colouring by Luis Guerrero
Lettering by Wes Abbott
I'd just like to address that DC putting out two issues of THE FLASH in one day is very ridiculous and very strange. I understand that Diamond's skip week in December messed up the schedule… but couldn't this annual have come out next month? Anyway. It's all done.
This issue delves more into Barry's reaction to Wally's stupid death in HEROES IN CRISIS. It's something that strikes a cord with a lot of people, me included, despite my first Flash stories featuring Barry. There's something personal and human about Wally that Barry can never provide. I think Barry knows this too, and looking at the corpse of one of the shining symbols of hope in the DC Universe must be simply tragic.
This was an alright issue, though. It's over-sized so we do spend a bit of time focusing on other stories when I wanted the Wally story to be front and centre. Godspeed returns in this issue and his presence indicates something about coming to the Flash's life this year. Honestly, aside from this little subplot featuring Godspeed, this issue doesn't do anything new that we haven't seen. We've already seen an emotional reaction from Barry in HEROES IN CRISIS #2, we've read more issues of HEROES IN CRISIS since then and readers have had more time than Barry to process Wally's death. To be fair, Barry's reaction isn't the only thing Joshua Williamson focuses on. We also see what Kid Flash and Iris think of this whole thing, and it obviously isn't very good.
Scott Kolins is on art duties for this entire issue, and I'm just happy whenever he draws this book. I love his art so much and his style works for this book so much. There are so many emotionally-charged scenes that Kolins handles simply perfectly. The numerous double-page spreads are handled with such care and emotion, though there is one that features a good ol' kick in the face, so there isn't much emotion there.
While some of this issue sets up some of the goings-on in THE FLASH this year, there isn't much here worth the big price of admission. You're better off buying THE FLASH #63 at your store instead of both of these issues.

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