Green Arrow #47 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on December 05, 2018

Writers: Julie and Shawna Benson
Artist: German Peralta
Colourist: John Kalisz
Letterer: Deron Bennett
This is the final issue in the Benson sisters' short-lived run on this title. It's a damn shame. They needed a few issues to get the ball rolling, but this conclusion was solid and I would have loved to read more of their stories featuring these characters.
The inclusion of German Peralta, who jumped on with the last issue, really solidified this run for me. His work is fantastic and John Kalisz's amazing colouring work complements the pencils very well. This is what a book featuring Green Arrow should look like. It's a shame that Peralta is not returning to the book as well.
Green Arrow's entanglement with the Citizen reflects what's going on over at NIGHTWING, so those of you reading both books should get a kick out of it. Both books feature police officers taking matters into their own hands, with one of them sending a more positive message while the other is much more negative and views violence and death to be the only outcomes for people he sees fit to punish. It's likely unintentional but this is the kind of storytelling symmetry that only comics can make happen. The theme that the Bensons achieve here feels a lot more natural and genuinely inspiring than a lot of what we've seen from the character in the last few months and years.
The Bensons certainly end their run on a high note, featuring some incredible artwork by Peralta and Kalisz. I'll miss this creative team, which is odd considering I haven't been too hot on this short run.

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