Supergirl #24 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on November 14, 2018

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artists: Doc Shaner and Karl Kesel
Inker: Karl Kesel
Colourist: Nathan Fairbairn
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
This continues to be a very fun book. Some of the plot momentum is lost and we meet a new character, but the major reason everyone should be checking this out is that it's drawn by Doc Shaner. What this means is that you have to read it. If you're reading it for enjoyment or to understand the art of sequential storytelling, it doesn't matter. Let it happen.
In all seriousness, Shaner is one of the best working artists today and it's criminal that he isn't on an ongoing title. I'm not sure if he can't manage a full monthly schedule or not, but it's always good to see his artwork. He and Nathan Fairbairn are such a dream team and do a fantastic job with this issue. Fairbairn in particular does some really interesting things with lighting, especially a scene that the cover depicts very beautifully. It's so incredibly striking and beautiful.
I like this new character we meet enough, though I need to see more of him to really get a grasp on him. It's nice for Kara to have another character she can actually have a conversation with; hanging out with Krypto can only get so much dialogue out of you, so I think this is a pretty neat idea on Marc Andreyko's part.
I mentioned earlier than the story stalled and I say this in relation to the last issue where things were happening very rapidly and an attainable structure was introduced, namely those devices that shed more light on the Circle that Kara is trying to learn more about. We don't learn anything more than a few droplets of information.
This was a very beautiful and highly recommended issue from an artistic standpoint. We rarely get Shaner art anymore so anything works for me. The story is fun enough though the momentum gained in the last issue is somewhat lost, if not totally.

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