Batgirl #28 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on October 24, 2018

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Artist: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colourist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Batgirl continues to be fantastic, and this issue is another winner. The stakes are higher than ever and it feels good to have this character in such good hands.
Paul Pelletier is doing some of the best work of his career here. For years DC hasn't given him all that much to do; he's popped up every now and then but his pencils, Norm Rapmund's sharp inks, and Jordie Bellaire's colours all round up to be one of the best-looking books DC is currently publishing. Rapmund in particular shines, giving Pelletier's general looseness a focused image, while Bellaire is doing something slightly different from what I've seen of her work. I see some reflections of her work on the main Batman title on this book, namely the overall colour scheme she gives Gotham itself, as well as the more muted colours like with what she did with Clay Mann on the title. The book less-so pops than it does breathe and look vibrant, and Bellaire uses this to use the new Sean Murphy-designed Batsuit to standout among the more grim locations and characters.
I appreciate the genuine humanity Mairghread Scott is injecting into the characters, particularly the relationship between Barbara and Jim Gordon. They're all they have, and Jim's concern for Barbara during her illness is heartwarming. I do think that Scott easily dismissed the problem that Barbara was facing, which is her failing chip that gives her the ability to use her legs. It seems a bit convenient, and I'm sure it's also conveniently going to come into play next issue.
I'm also fascinated that Scott is connecting this to Benjamin Percy's failed Nightwing run, where a character from his story shows up here. It was kind of surprising, though Scott did drop a few hints last issue as to one of the key players behind this whole thing. I like my books to have a shared continuity, so whatever connection is something I'll greatly appreciate, no matter what I think of said story.
This book is something every Bat-reader, or reader in general, should be checking it. It's likely the best Bat-book being published, without question. The art is stunning and the character work and overall plotting is fabulous. Buy and read with confidence.

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