Supergirl #23 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on October 10, 2018

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Kevin Maguire
Inkers: Sean Parsons and Wade von Grawbadger
Colourists: FCO Plascencia and Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Up to this point, I was having enough fun with this book. Aside from the stellar Kevin Maguire art, the plot has been interesting enough for me to keep recommending it. With this issue we get some answers, as well as a general goal to the book, and that got me excited. Readers of Bendis' Superman books should be reading this.
Let's talk about that stellar Maguire art, shall we? He's getting better with every issue, literally. His characters and their expressions are just fantastic and, more impressively, this book moves like a dream. That's a phrase I find myself using when I'm just going through a book with such speed that I'm surprised I got to the end of the issue so fast. It means I'm super into the story, and the art is near perfect. This is an immensely gorgeous book and should be read anyone interesting in how comics storytelling works. Truly, this is the best-looking DC issue I've read in months. Maybe even all year.
Marc Andreyko is doing good work here. I appreciate how he not only finds the time to spend a page on a joke, but the joke happens to be nicely earned and a good break after a quick action scene. His characterisation of Supergirl feels like this is how the character should have been acting all this time. She's smart, quick, and her relationship with Krypto is super cute.
This series is a must-read. The story kicks into gear and the art is important. Find a more gorgeous issue this week, you will not.

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