The Flash #56 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on October 10, 2018

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Scott Kolins
Colourist: Luis Guerrero
Letterer: Steve Wands
In my opinion, there should be a few absolute truths when it comes to DC Comics: Superman should be the heart and soul of the DCU, Martian Manhunter has to always be a member of the Justice League, and the Flash should be fun. Fun as hell. And this issue was fun as hell.
It was as wacky as I wanted it to be. The art was fantastic. Scott Kolins is a legend and his work in this issue is sublime. His expression work seems to have been upgraded, as there is excellent character work in this issue that I haven't seen from Kolins in a good long while. Luis Guerrero is a new addition to this book and I'm very impressed with his work. This is a fantastic art team, and I hope to see more from them in the future.
Joshua Williamson's weird story is so much fun. I love the layers to the story, and the genuine emotion when it came to Heat Wave and what exactly is happening to the Flash. It's the reason why each of the Rogues is such an important element of the DCU; their tragic backstories make them some of the most relatable villains in this world, more so than a lot of other villains. We also get to learn more about Detective Burns, which is an apt name considering the circumstances, which adds an extra dimension to the story.
This was just a whole bunch of fun. The art was incredible and I had a blast with the story. When it comes to the Flash, that's all I need.

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