Detective Comics #990 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on October 10, 2018

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Colourists: Ivan Plascencia and Allen Passalaqua
Letterer: Rob Leigh
James Robinson's run is halfway done, and at least I'm mildly enjoying it. Robinson's work hasn't impressed me as of late, which hurts considering I'm a big fan of his, but this work is more of a return to form for him. I appreciate the mystery surrounding Harvey Dent and whether or not he's finally reforming, and Stephen Segovia's art is utterly fantastic.
As I've said before, I'm familiar with Segovia's artwork but he's really upgraded here. I like his take on Batman, and Ivan Plascencia's colouring feels a lot different than from what I've seen of his work. Guest colourist Allen Passalaqua's work is less noticeable since his style seems to mix well with Plascencia's.
The story is fun but it's missing something. Perhaps it's the fact that we're three issues in and I have no idea what this story is about other than Kobra is involved and Harvey Dent has something up his sleeve. I know the whole "Two-Face is obsessed with the number two bit" is overplayed, but there are some genuinely interesting and funny ones, namely the one featured on the last page that I thought was nicely done.
There just isn't much to this issue despite some of the fun I had with it. The story only seems to be picking up, a mere three issues away from concluding. It's pretty typical of current Robinson, but I digress. The art is fantastic, though there are two too many double page spreads for my liking.

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