Batman: Kings of Fear #2 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on September 26, 2018

Writer: Scott Peterson
Artist: Kelley Jones
Colourist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Rob Leigh
The first issue of this book came out of nowhere, and I was very interesting to see where this story would go. Unfortunately, by the end of this issue, we seem to be at the exact same point as we were at the end of the first issue. While I do want to read more of this book, my patience is beginning to wear a little thin.
Right off the bat, the art is fantastic. Those of you who are fans of Kelley Jones' 90s Batman work will just revel in these pages. He's one of the most unique and clear storytellers working right now. There are some pages and panels that truly blew me away. This seems to be an artistic showcase more than anything else so far, so I might as well grade this more on the art than the plotting.
I enjoy the voice and tone that Scott Peterson gives these characters, particularly Batman and Alfred. His Alfred is enjoyable, and his Batman really harkens back to a more classic sensibility, where modern-day readers will probably look at this version of Batman with some confusion in their eyes, questioning exactly what the hell he's saying and why he's saying it. It's cheesy fun, and that's perfectly fine.
There are points near the end of the issue that I would call unexpected, mostly from an artistic standpoint. I didn't think Jones would be able to properly convey Scarecrow's trippy fear hallucinations properly based on the opening few pages, but the last few really changed my mind. This is a gorgeous book, check it out!

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