Detective Comics #988 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on September 12, 2018

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Colourist: Ivan Plascencia
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Detective Comics is going through the dreaded cycle of writers currently. After James Tynion IV left, Bryan Hill and now James Robinson have been on the book, neither of which were ever going to be permanent members of the creative team. With this in mind, I don't care either way if this story is going to break ground or not; I want a good story, and this issue failed to interest me.
Stephen Segovia is the true star of this book. He did some work with Dan Jurgens on Action Comics a couple years back when Rebirth started and he really grew as an artist since then. These pages are fantastic, and his take on Batman is refreshingly traditional in the best possible way. It's reminiscent of Tyler Kirkham, whose work is much more stylised, and Ivan Plascencia's colours really make the whole package work very well together.
As for James Robinson's story, it bounces around from one location to the next without much seamlessness and tension. I don't care about anything I'm seeing, and the near constant references to Catwoman just soured me on the whole thing even further. Robinson delves more into Batman's psyche than Tom King ever did, which I find unfathomably odd.
Come for the art, skim over the story. The solicits describe Segovia as a "rising star", and I think that might honestly be the case here. His work is fantastic, and worth looking out for.

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