Adventures of the Super Sons #2 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on September 05, 2018

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Carlo Barberi

Inker: Art Thibert

Colourist: Protobunker

Letterer: Rob Leigh


I can’t exactly describe how good it feels to be reading a book featuring these titular characters. They feel like essential, staple DC character now, and the fact that they’re delegated to a twelve-issue series as opposed to an ongoing is criminal.


Writer Peter Tomasi creates this hilariously goofy premise that channels the Silver Age wherein these characters from an alien planet are obsessed with Earth culture, so much so that they educate their children on the teachings of our superheroes. They’re pretty damn capable, led by Rex Luthor, and the dynamic between all of them is so fun. This is a fantastic all-ages book that should be published in collected form right now. The duo have truly never encountered a force like the Gang before, and the ending in particular should get a lot of people excited.


Carlo Barberi’s art fits this all-ages story nicely. His expressions are wildly fun and Protobunker’s colours make this book pop like not much else I’ve read recently.


This is just required reading. It’s funny and charming, the characterisation is all there, and the art is more than superb.


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