Teen Titans #20 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on July 25, 2018

Writer: Adam Glass

Artist: Bernard Chang

Colourist: Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer: Rob Leigh


There has been a tad of controversy surrounding this new run from Adam Glass and Bernard Chang. From what I’ve seen, people are angry that the characters are a bit angsty and rebellious, which I’m fine with given the absolute trash that Benjamin Percy has been pumping out in this book before.


Glass at least gives this team a reason to be together, which makes me question the point of that Teen Titans Special from last month since we go through the motions again in this issue. This issue really bored me and I’m not a fan of any of these new characters. They all seem very generic and uninspired. There are too many pop culture references for my liking and it seems like a lot of the characters that we already know are needlessly acting out of character, which is also generic.


Bernard Chang is a great artist and he provides some great work here. I love the way he lays out a page and this issue is no exception. I just wish he had a better colourist. Marcelo Maiolo is one of my least favourite colourists and for one main reason. He makes the lineart look a bit too plastic-y or rubbery, and that’s not a style choice that I really appreciate.


The ending of this really intrigued me, but I wish the characters were more well-rounded to get me excited to see how they would react to Damian’s apparent secret plan.


I didn’t like this issue much. The plot was generic and pop culture-heavy, and the colouring on Chang’s artwork is beginning to grate on me.


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