Batman #45 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on April 17, 2018

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

Inkers: Tony S. Daniel and John Livesay

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Letterer: Clayton Cowles


Another arc, another barely wedding-related Batman story.


This issue was very bad and very nonsensical. Tom King always throws in a little detail that he hopes lands and becomes praised by fans, and this issue's fan service magnet seems to be Booster Gold himself. Booster is in every scene of the issue, more than Batman in his own book. In fact, Bruce Wayne Batman isn't even featured in this issue at all…


King's take on Booster is simply insufferable and annoying. I really did think that King knew about Booster and about his personality enough to write him well, but now I don't think he does at all. Dan Jurgens wrote Booster in a recent Action Comics arc and these two versions of the character don't seem like the same version at all. The entire impetus of the story is based on Booster himself and a decision he makes, which obviously influences the future in a terrible way. However, Booster simply isn't dumb enough to actually do something as stupid as he does here.


I think this is a three-issue arc so I'm very doubtful that King will delve into the world as much as some people would like. We visit some well-known Batfamily characters, including Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and Duke Thomas. All of them lead very different lives than we're used to and, based on King's previous work, I don't think he'll ever revisit them or explore them.


Legendary Batman artist Tony S. Daniel returns for this arc and the art is pretty nice to look at. Daniel mostly inks himself with some assists from John Livesay, and it looks good. Tomeu Morey's colours are also a little bit more subdued than I'm used to, adding a different feel to the art.


Not much happens in this issue aside from some mild character assassination. Booster Gold is a much more intelligent and honourable character than King realises, so fans of the character should stay away from this. For those of you excited for the wedding, stay away from this as it is barely referenced. Fans of Batman and Catwoman should stay away from this. Fan of Daniel's art? Check it out once it hits a dollar bin near you.

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