Justice League of America #27 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on March 28, 2018

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Hugo Petrus

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Clayton Cowles


This simply may be one of the most boring comic books I've ever read. I'm really truly sorry that I have to say this, there are two issues left in this series. With Scott Snyder shepherding the new wave of Justice League books, this book will be ending with next month's #29. I'm not sure exactly how far in advance Steve Orlando knew that the series would be ending in April, so I find it very odd that Orlando is ending the series with a Chronos/Atom story. The previous arc, focusing on Havok and Angor, felt like a more fitting finale since it addressed the first arc of the series.


So much of this issue was just nonsensical. I couldn't make heads or tails about much, including someone claiming to be the god of superheroes. I doubt this concept existed before Orlando invented it, but it just doesn't work and needlessly convolutes the story. I know that this god was mentioned in the previous arc focusing on the Might Beyond the Mirror, but it doesn't feel earned when this concept finally plays a part in the story.


I haven't been a fan of Hugo Petrus' art whenever it pops up, and he impressed me a little bit more with this issue. His faces aren't as excruciatingly annoying yet Hi-Fi's colouring may not be doing it justice. I normally like Hi-Fi's works but someone else should be on colouring duties. It's not merely an aesthetic choice; Batman doesn't even have the same coloured costume as he does in other titles.


It's never too late to jump off of a series. This series unfortunately hasn't worked since its inception and I welcome the changes to the Justice League status quo. We have two issues left following this one and I don't think it'll get better from here.

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