Super Sons #14 Review

by Hussein Wasiti on March 21, 2018

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Carlo Barberi

Inker: Art Thibert

Colourist: Dono San

Letterer: Rob Leigh


This issue represents the kind of fun I've been wanting from this series. Threats not serious enough that keep the story light, which in turns lets our plucky young heroes get into fun and ridiculous situations where they can be themselves. This issue just might be the best issue of the series for me.


I don't mean to discourage Gabe Eltaeb as a colourist, but his work on Carlo Barberi's pencils pales in comparison to what Dono San does here. Their work gives the art a great level of dimension and it simply pops in a way reminiscent of Alejandro Sanchez's excellent colours on Jorge Jimenez's art. Barberi's art itself is very expressive and all of the action is handled incredibly well.


The story is also a whole bunch of fun. Each of our duo gets multiple great moments and Damian in particular shines, contrary to what I thought of him in the last issue. Peter J. Tomasi took what I thought to be a tired concept, tackling Damian's morality, and seemingly finally closes the book on Damian's path to becoming a hero; he is one, end of story. Whatever happened to him and what we went through is in the past, and he's moved on with the help of Jon.


Jon gets many great moments here as well. Without spoiling anything, Lois appears in this book and Tomasi just shows how much Jon and Lois can work without the inclusion of Superman.


This was a fantastic issue that suddenly hit me with remorse that the series is ending soon. It's a bummer, but things change in order to stay fresh. The art was incredible and the story was fun and light. Anybody can just jump in and pick this issue up.

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