Green Arrow #37

by Hussein Wasiti on February 07, 2018

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Letterer: Deron Bennett


With the recent news that both Benjamin Percy and Juan Ferreyra are leaving this title with next month's #38, suddenly the pressure is on Percy to deliver the ending to his long story.


Percy seems to be focusing on Oliver Queen's trial to be the endpoint of his run, so he dedicates this issue to getting rid of as many characters as possible. It's fairly not very subtle and at one point simply feels like an action-packed soap opera, as there are two points where characters make dramatic entrances that simply made me giggle.


Ultimately this is a story I don't care much about. In the grand scheme of this #39-issue run, not much has happened worth talking about. Only a few sticking points will matter in the end and most of them are addressed here. That's not to say this issue was bad; it was actually a bit of fun, certainly some of the most fun I've had in this series.


Juan Ferreyra's art is as stellar as usual. The panel layouts are incredible, and the fluidity of the action as well as highlighting of various characters' faces during action scenes is simply phenomenal work on his part. This is likely the final action scene that Ferreyra will contribute to this series, and that's a damn shame.


This was a fun, quick, but also light issue. Ferreyra's art is pure magic but a big part of me is really excited that Percy's run is finally ending.

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