Justice League of America #23

by Hussein Wasiti on January 24, 2018

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Neil Edwards

Inkers: Daniel Henriques and Andy Owens

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Clayton Cowles


This was a pretty sluggish issue to get through. The story isn't exactly exciting since not much happens in it, with the only significant story element hitting us in the very last page, which I must say is a pretty damn stunning page. Huge kudos to Neil Edwards and the team for that one.


Frost just seems to be really out of character here for me. She's always come across as very strong and seemed like someone who would stand their ground, yet here she's very timid and honestly comes across as just a bad person. She doesn't want to stop the Queen of Fables because doing so would result in her losing her gift which would bring back her ice powers. That's personally offensive to me, as she is clearly seeing the destruction around her and even acknowledges it. If this keeps up, I will never look at the character the same again.


Edwards' art is a highlight for me, yet some pages here look a whole lot more uneven than the last issue. This is due to inker Andy Owens helping out Daniel Henriques, with the latter defining Edwards' work really well. It's clear which pages were inked by Owens since the last issue looked absolutely gorgeous. It's not bad at all, just less sharp.


This story really needs to pick up the pace but we're still going around in circles with a few story progressions near the end of the issue. Couple that with Frost's incredibly suspicious moral high ground, and you have quite the frustrating read. The art is also slightly compromised, as the addition of another inker to the art team slightly dilutes the work.

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