Super Sons #12

by Hussein Wasiti on January 17, 2018

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Letterer: Rob Leigh


And thus concludes the entirely unnecessary SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW crossover. The only benefit of this story was that the relationship between Jon and Damian seems to have bolstered due to the events depicted, and their friendship is stronger than ever.


Ultimately, not much has been answered. I enjoyed the first issue of the crossover but it quickly devolved into yet another time-travel story featuring the Teen Titans, which we got last year with THE LAZARUS CONTRACT. This storyline also falls into the same trap, which mostly refers to it being unnecessary. I genuinely don't know whether or not it will impact the TEEN TITANS book but the explanation for this being possible is so contrived and simply bad. It's creating conflict for the sake of creating conflict, and I expected more of the team.


Tyler Kirkham's art is incredibly strong and is the highlight of the issue for me. Kirkham draws one hell of a Superman and I love his take on the younger characters too. There's a fun expressiveness in this issue and Kirkham should be doing more consistent work for one of these books.


There simply isn't much to talk about here. This whole story was pointless and this issue highlights this, but it was still entertaining enough so as to not be a complete rip-off. The art was strong, however.

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