Wonder Woman #38

by Hussein Wasiti on January 10, 2018

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino

Inker: Ray McCarthy

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letterer: Saida Temofonte


I was very impressed with this issue, which focuses on the origin of Silver Swan, one of Wonder Woman's oldest enemies. Now, this isn't the original version of the character, but what looks to be an amalgam of previous versions. I really liked what James Robinson did with her; her motivations are perfectly understandable for someone in her unique position, and the progression of her attitude from more up-beat to more cynical makes complete sense. Nothing was contrived and it all flowed. However, Robinson had an ending in mind for this issue, and unfortunately drags out what should be a simple conversation to multiple, boring pages.


This conversation is between Wonder Woman and her brother Jason. Diana's position on the conversation makes sense but she essentially repeats herself constantly which just came across as annoying behaviour. Jason isn't used to living in her world and she even admits this, but that doesn't stop her. I liked this issue but this was a big factor detracting from my overall enjoyment.


Emanuela Lupacchino is the perfect fit for this book. Her art is usually more vibrant and pops much more, but it looks a bit duller than usual due to Romulo Fajardo Jr's style of colouring, which is the same across the board; he never changes his style to fit an artist unfortunately. Despite this, the book still looks great, and the final design of Silver Swan looked really imaginative and fun.


This is a very simple set-up issue, where we get to see the origin of this new version of Silver Swan. I like the character and her backstory and motivations, and I hope she'll impress me again two weeks from now. The issue's momentum is almost cut short by the extended lecture to Jason by Diana, but the ending makes up for it.

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