Detective Comics #972

by Hussein Wasiti on January 10, 2018

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Miguel Mendonca

Inker: Diana Egea

Colourist: Jason Wright

Letterer: Sal Cipriano


The Clayface transformation we've all been dreading to see is finally happening, and these scenes are the most emotionally engaging in this issue. James Tynion IV unfortunately strays too far from it and also focuses on some of the other story elements that haven't been working, namely the Victim Syndicate and Batwoman-related plots.


The Clayface and Orphan bits in particular are really emotional resonant, and it really feels like the true culmination of what Tynion has been building towards. The ending even has me looking forward to the eventual conclusion of this story, which I hope is soon, as the Victim Syndicate is overstaying their welcome.


What Tynion hasn't been giving me is sufficient motivation to care about the Victim Syndicate and the First Victim. Whatever motivation this character has needs to be explored and fleshed out, though it just may not do any good at this point given how much they've been annoying me. None of the other Syndicate members even appear here, the First Victim is the only one present in this issue. Nothing memorable is going to come out of this entire run that Tynion has been writing, despite his intentions.


Miguel Mendonca's art is fantastic, showcasing a scarier, more brash Clayface in a way I really haven't see before. It's superior to Joe Bennett's take on the character a few issues ago, and the rest of the book just looks great. The colouring could have been better with someone else handling it, though.


Tynion has finally given me something to care about with Clayface's heel turn, but he doesn't delve into the other dangling plot threads as much as I would have liked. The Victim Syndicate just needs to go away, but the art is really fantastic.

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