Wonder Woman #37

by Hussein Wasiti on December 27, 2017

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia

Inkers: Jason Paz, Art Thibert, and Raul Fernandez

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letterer: Saida Temofonte


This was one of the more consistent issues of James Robinson's run on this title so far. It's probably the best one yet as well, but the ending of this story really disappointed me. I was really on board for the first 17 pages of this issue before it went in a direction I didn't really think it needed to go in. Clearly there's a bigger story planned involving Darkseid and while I'm excited for it, the sudden end really didn't help this issue.


As seen in the last issue, Zeus is back to give some Darkseid behind. What follows is a pretty gorgeous-looking fight without much substance as well as some really unnecessary future Diana narration that did nothing for me. I don't understand why Robinson simply can't keep himself focused on the story at hand without keeping on foot in another time period.


The art was fantastic. Carlo Pagulayan is a legend and the transition between his work and Stephen Segovia's was pretty seamless to me; I didn't notice any bizarre art changes and the art was by far the strongest element of this issue.


This was a satisfying but abrupt end to this story. The art was stunning but the ending left much to be desired. I'm curious to see where this book goes now that Robinson should be telling his own stories going forward.

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