Teen Titans #15

by Hussein Wasiti on December 27, 2017

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Artists: Ed Benes and Jorge Jimenez

Inkers: Ed Benes, Richard Friend, and Jorge Jimenez

Colourists: Dinei Ribeiro and Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Corey Breen


I have no idea what the point of this crossover is. This could have been the second issue of this storyline and it would have made more sense instead of dedicating an entire issue to Tim beating down Batman and Superman. As far as I can tell, and based on the solicits for next week's SUPERMAN #38, the next issue is the final instalment of this crossover and we haven't gotten a single answer as to what exactly is going on. How does Superboy have a solar flare ability post-SUPERMAN REBORN? How exactly did Tim find his way back into this timeline?


This story is just a waste. Nothing happens in this issue. The only progression of Jon and Damian's story is that they talk about the solar flare ability, and the Teen Titans side of the story ended up confusing me with its ending. I don't understand the final page or so and I don't think it's my fault.


The art here was top notch. Ed Benes, another experienced DC artist, and Jorge Jimenez really deliver the goods, but I don't know why Benes wasn't able to draw the whole issue himself since Jimenez only handled the final page or so. Benes brings that pedigree of pre-Flashpoint DC that, to me, grounds this story more in continuity.


I really don't get this story. It hasn't impressed me much but this issue might be the final nail in the coffin for this crossover. With the next issue ending the storyline I have little to no hope that any of my questions will be answered. It looks great, however. I need more Benes artwork.

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