Superman #37

by Hussein Wasiti on December 20, 2017

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Rob Leigh


The existence of this crossover excited me but I was uncertain of why it was happening until I read this issue. The SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW crossover story begins here, and it looks like it'll be an important story going forward.


I was sort of taken aback by how rooted in continuity this issue was. I refer to some recent stories, namely THE OZ EFFECT and A LONELY PLACE OF LIVING, which this story seems to be a direct sequel to. I had a lot of fun with this issue, although it is primarily concerned with set-up and, hence, there isn't much that really happens in this issue.


I was equally intrigued by both halves of the story, with one half concerning Batman and the other concerning Superman. The dialogue is impeccable here, particularly in the Batman half. The conversation between Batman and his opponent was really strong and I really felt like this was a sequel to A LONELY PLACE OF LIVING.


Jorge Jimenez is a damn treasure. His artwork always impresses on SUPER SONS and his recent work on the BATMAN LOST tie-in showed that he's able to change up his style to fit the tone of the story. The first half of this issue is unlike anything he's ever done in terms of pure sequential fight scenes, and I wouldn't mind to see him moving onto bigger books, preferably a monthly.


Despite my enjoyment of this issue, there isn't much to really talk about. This is very action-heavy and I'm excited for the upcoming storyline. NOTE: The second part of this story can be found in SUPER SONS #11, which releases today as well.

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