Nightwing #34

by Hussein Wasiti on December 06, 2017

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Javier Fernandez

Colourist: Christ Sotomayor

Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual


Tim Seeley's run on Nightwing is now over. He's been writing the character for three years now, closing out the New 52 NIGHTWING series with Tom King, writing GRAYSON with King, and writing the character solo since Rebirth went into effect.


Whether or not his run has been successful is obviously subjective, but it hasn't been as consistently good as it should have been. Nightwing's a fantastic character and is many people's favourite character, and I think Seeley ended his chapter on the character as well as he could have. Raptor's story is finally over and the ending invites many possibilities for future Nightwing stories.


His run could have done with one more issue though. Not everything is touched on as there are still some threads left dangling. The final few pages offered a small sense of finality but they also came across as quite rushed. The epilogue section of the story is the final two pages and I felt like either some page space could have been delegated to ending the fun properly, or he could have ended the run with #35.


Javier Fernandez's work is something I've been struggling with ever since he first appeared to me in Rebirth. His work has a definite mood and I can appreciate that, but it constantly skirts the line between over-stylised and not stylised enough, so his work is frustrating to look at for me. Lately his art has been more consistent than his early issues on the series, yet it still radiates a general unfitness, like he shouldn't be drawing this book.


Seeley closes out his run in a somewhat satisfying manner, one which has me excited for Sam Humphries' run starting next issue. The art was decent but I felt like another issue was necessary to properly finish the story since it came across as somewhat rushed.

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