Green Lanterns #36

by Hussein Wasiti on December 06, 2017

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Ronan Cliquet

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Dave Sharpe


Following the events of last issue, I'm not sure why Tim Seeley decided to structure this issue the way he did. I think I more linear narrative would have made more of an impact since the "present day" section of the story made relatively little impact to me, the "present day" referring to Simon and Jessica recounting Singularity Jain's attack to the Green Lantern Corps.


This issue also seems to end this arc, which felt very pointless to me. Nothing much happened in this brief story and whatever did didn't show us another side to the characters, or made us care about Bolphunga. It's very surface level and feels, frankly, like filler.


Despite my apprehension towards the story, I liked Jain as a character and a concept. She seems like she gets around the universe since she's apparently an intergalactic lawyer, and her powerset provided a really unique foil to the Lanterns that I haven't seen before. Her character design was also cool, which edged towards more of a minimalist look rather than an excessively detailed one.


Ronan Cliquet is a pretty great fit for this book. His art style fits the tone of the book and I like his take on the characters, which feels light but can switch moods when the story requires.


Seeley's run on this book has been fun but nothing more than that. I hope he hits a stride and begins moving pieces in order to tell fuller and more interesting stories.

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