Superman #34

by Hussein Wasiti on November 01, 2017

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Artists: Ed Benes, Doug Mahnke, and Jack Herbert

Colourist: Dinei Ribeiro

Letterer: Rob Leigh


I said this before and I'll say this again: it's good to have Tomasi and Gleason back on this book. They bring a very fresh pace to this series, and they juggle the three main storylines quite effectively while also leaving us hanging on them. Superman, Lois, and Jon all get their own scenes, but Lois is the one who steals this issue. We all know that Lois is an incredibly strong character and her time with Superman has only hardened her even further. Readers who want to see Lois in action should pick this issue up, as she one-ups the boys here.


The Superman and Jon plotlines are given a much smaller page count but I'm really interested in where their stories are going. Lex is up to his usual tricks but I'm sure there's more to it, since the team has made it a point recently to portray him in a more positive light.


While I liked the art, having three different artists work on each of the storylines annoyed me personally. I understand that sometimes it can be used as a creative choice, to signify the individuality of diverging storylines. Here it simply comes across as due to poorly timed deadlines, especially since one colourist is used to make the art look consistent.


This issue isn't as strong as the previous issue but Lois gets a whole bunch of moments to shine, while Tomasi and Gleason slowly progress the Superman and Jon plots.

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