Wonder Woman #32

by Hussein Wasiti on October 11, 2017

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Sergio Davila

Inkers: Scott Hanna and Mark Morales

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letterer: Saida Temofonte


The Jason story continues here, and I'll come out and say that this issue disappointed me. The story took a very unnecessary detour to get to the Jason bits and the wonderful Carlo Pagulayan was nowhere to be seen. The artist on board here is Sergio Davila, who does a serviceable job but the artist change-up confused me as I prefer to have a more consistent artist. It's not clear if Robinson if following the path set out by Greg Rucka on this title, wherein the main artists alternate issues in order to tell a more full story.


I say that the story deviates, and I'll explain why. You'd think that following the ending of the previous issue, where Diana finds out that Hercules himself named her as the heir to his fortune, would mean that Diana would follow up on said fortune. Instead, confusingly, Robinson chooses to frame the entire first half of the issue against an action scene with parademons and a flashback that explains why this is happening. It was entirely unnecessary and distractingly paced, which is made all the worse when Diana easily disposes of these creatures and goes off to find out more about Hercules. It's pretty baffling.


As for the second half of the story where the intrigue really kicks in; it's interesting. We more or less fully understand Hercules' connection to Diana and it seems Robinson is going to move on from it, but I wasn't satisfied with the way in which Jason was connected to Hercules. It felt really contrived, and it could have been made more simpler.


Despite my apprehension towards the artist switch up, I quite liked Sergio Davila's art. It's more reminiscent of Bryan Hitch than of Carlo Pagulayan, but there were some excellent hero poses and the early actions scenes I didn’t like looked great.


I was excited for this story but this issue really put a damper on my excitement. It was a fine issue, but its baffling plotting and pacing confused me and the art simply wasn't up to par with what we got last issue.

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