Suicide Squad #25

by Hussein Wasiti on September 13, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artists: Giuseppe Cafaro and Agustin Padilla

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Pat Brosseau


This ends the Kill Your Darlings arc, a storyline that feels like it's been going on for years. In truth, the overall story has been going on since Rebirth began, and this issue concludes the long-running story. I wouldn't call it a success, however. I can very basically sum up the story that's been going on for a while; there was an evil Russian Suicide Squad, but then the American Suicide Squad discovered the existence of MORE Suicide Squads. International Suicide Squads. And there isn't even a confrontation between the main team and the rest of them. In fact, this story feels very small in scale.


Amanda Waller has been under some form of mind control recently, and that thread is easily taken care of without any sense put into it. Harley's sadistic streak which has been missing since Williams seemingly forgot about it comes back into play here, completely unexpectedly. I would say that the ending of the story was bold but in truth it totally fizzled out, like a broken firework.


The artwork was also lacking to me. Since Jim Lee concluded his mini stint on the series, the only high-profile artist to work on the title was Tony S. Daniel, whose presence I really appreciated. His issues were some of the best of the series, and the lack of consistent art has truly damaged the series. Giuseppe Cafaro and Agustin Padilla provide some alright work here, but it isn't as good as it should be.


I'm just confused when it comes to the corporate synergy of this brand, Suicide Squad. Since all the members of the Squad are also in the movie, you'd think DC would treat this more of a hot property and market it as one of the star books. Maybe the sales just aren't up to par.


This issue just disappointed be deeply. The only hope I have for this series is a switch from biweekly to monthly, along with a shake-up of the team. I'd like to see more interesting characters take the spotlight. Hell, Williams almost struck gold with that hammer guy who could only say "peanut". But then he died. Anyway.

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