Green Lanterns #30

by Hussein Wasiti on September 06, 2017

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Carlo Barbieri

Inker: Matt Santorelli

Colourist: Ulises Arreola

Letterer: Dave Sharpe


This issue was, frankly, very long-winded and non-sensical. I have claimed before that I'm done with Sam Humphries run on this book and these characters, but it wasn't necessarily true. I've always held out hope that he would eventually pull it together, tell a great, sensical story, and end it in a satisfying manner. With this issue, however, whatever hope I had was lost. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Tim Seeley's run can't come soon enough.


To talk in detail about this issue would be to spoil it, but all I will say about the story is that the original Lanterns are about to face Volthoom. We barely get any build-up to this fight as it just starts, and the entire issue revolves around this fight. This fight is really unfortunate because Humphries spent so much time setting up these characters only for this fight to be entirely uncompelling, despite how good it looks.


Carlo Barberi's art is mostly fantastic, although I didn't like the book's opening pages. He drew Jessica in such a way that made her look like a child. It does get a lot better though, and the action in this issue looked great. Barberi and his art teem of Matt Santorelli and Ulises Arreola provide some of the best art this book has ever seen.


This issue is incredibly disappointing on many levels, particularly with its ending. To call the issue boring would be an overstatement, as the art really helped me get through this issue. I'm tired of this story and I'm very excited to see it end.

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