Green Arrow #30

by Hussein Wasiti on September 06, 2017

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Otto Schmidt

Letterer: Nate Piekos


The legacy of Green Arrow and Green Lantern speaks for itself. The legendary run from acclaimed creators Dennis O'Neil and Neil Adams seems to have been forgotten as of late, but it looks like Benjamin Percy might be taking the first step to embracing the legacy relationship.


Other than Oliver having to go to space in order to take down a Ninth Circle satellite, there really is no reason for him to team-up with Green Lantern specifically. He could have taken Superman or Wonder Woman with him, or he and Batman could have had a wacky space adventure in some spaceship. Hence the inclusion of Hal is contrived in the first place, and aside from a few fun character moments between the two Greenies, I don't see the point of the team-up.


However, Otto Schmidt is once again doing wonders on this book. He can draw the hell out of a Green Lantern space setting, and his art was most definitely the star of the issue. This simply might have been his best issue on the series yet, mostly because of the diversity in the setting and the awesome colouring techniques he uses.


Despite some of my criticisms, the story is still fun, and it's genuinely nice to see these two characters together once again. The art was pretty stellar and, based on the ending, it looks like this story is going to continue in the next issue. Which means we might not be rid of Hal Jordan just yet.

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